This program will be a series of talk shows and it will be primarily centered around people like us who are amateur & leisure runners who run for health & fitness.

The idea of these programs will be to make people aware and create awareness about running as a simple sport / form of exercise which can be taken up by anybody. To do all of the above we are planning to invite eminent amateur runners & achievers who are followed by many and act as a role model for the running community.

The flow of the program will be as follows:-

1.The guest speaker talking about his / her entry into running, how he went about his journey of running, precautions taken to avoid injuries, learning from mistakes, dietary tips followed and all such things related to running.

2. The interviewer will ask the guest a certain set of questions in case they haven't been covered by the guest speaker.

3. The final session will be open for the public where they can ask the guest speaker whatever questions they feel like related to running.