Keep On Running India“KOR India”

In today’s world where we lead a very hectic life due to very demanding work cultures and social compulsions, it is almost impossible to find time to keep ourselves physically fit. As we cannot devote time to keep our bodies fit, slowly even our minds start getting unfit. As is said in Latin Phrase   “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano” OR “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body” we realized the immense importance of fitness in life. There are various ways in which people try to remain physically fit.
               At “Keep On Running India” we have found the uniqueness of running in keeping fit, happy and wanting to have more! “Keep On Running India” is a Runners group that helps to promote running as a sport in India for  amateur runners in a very safe, encouraging and relaxed way.  Especially in tough times, running offers an affordable and positive way to relieve stress and gain a sense of accomplishment. Marathons and more than ever half-marathons are the ultimate achievement for runners. 
              As any sport even in running, the importance of correct, professional and safe training cannot be ignored, no matter how proficient you are. Beginners, amateur runners - everyone for that matter needs proper training which would look after individual needs and oversee overall wellbeing of the runners. While training together we take into consideration the runners’ physique, age, health condition & medical history if any. This approach helps the runners to maintain their fitness, improve their timing and most important of all helps avoid injuries, which are so common in case of improper training  and over enthusiasm. We at KOR India also aim to involve those who are not so keen for running but still show the keenness & eagerness for physical fitness.
               At KOR India, we are still in our infancy and are growing very fast. In the three years since our inception we have involved people who were never into running before and the same people have now done various events all around India. Our members have taken part in various timed races for various distances. 
              We are here with a unique thought of promoting running as a sport & fitness exercise and make everyone aware of its immense contribution towards making a healthy India in mind as well as in body !​