EVENT Keep on Running 

LOCATION: Sathaye College Parla Mumbai, INDIA DATE: 26.06.2016

Promoting Organization:  Keep on Running 

Name & Address of 

Race director Hemant Habale - Bandra E  

Tel: 9324221540


Distance: not less than 10000m Measured by:  Amir Shandiwan

Date: 09.06.2016

Measurement method: Jones counter mounted on bicycle wheel

Elevation, if not same, of: START m FINISH m

Distance, in a straight line, between start & finish:  identical

Description of the Course

i) Terrain: flat

ii) Race surface asphalt roads;

iii) Course configuration: 2 loops of the define course(

Measurement Details

i) Section of road available: entire width of carriageway or road

ii) Line to be taken at turns: shortest route

SIGNED: ………………………. DATE: 2016-06-02

Keep on Running –Parla Mumbai India 

Mumbai , INDIA  11thJune  2016

The define route for 10 KM run would be 2 loops of approx 5 km each.

Venue and holding inside Parla College measured internal college area from Point A ( Gate No2 ) to Point B(Gate No 1) total distance 150 Mtrs – Start point as decided by organizers to be between- Gate No1 n Gate No 2 i.e 94 m from Gate No1 .

Start Point –Electric Pole of Class Room No8. 

Counter measurement to start from gate no 1 

The 300m calibration course set up at BKC Mumbai as I could not find any clear path for calibration close to the venue . I first finished the calibration at Bandra BKC  road and then started measuring the route from the defined start point  and took reference at important junctions and turn point .As the route was predefine by the organizers it was easier to take references at different point.  . 

Internal measurement taken by tape would be added to the final counter measurement.


On 300m steel-tape measured calibration course In BKC Diamond Bush yard Road 2nd June 9, 2016 10pm

Pre-measurement, 22.00 Post-measurement, 0:10 

  start end reading

start end reading 40500 43784 3284

66046 69330 3284 43784 47068 3284

69330 72614 3284 47068 50352 3284

72614 75898   3284 50352 53636 3284

75898 79182  3284

79182 82467 3285

82467 85751 3284

Average – (3284.16 x 1.001/300m) Average – 3284  (x 1.001/300m)

Working Constant: 10.95814/m Finish Constant: 10.9576 /m

Constant for the Day (average) = 10.95785/m

Tape Reading – From Gate No 2 to Start line -56m

  Start Line to Gate No 1 – 94 m

 Total -150 Mtrs from Gate No2 to Gate No1 

Reading  Counts  Distance   Adjusted dist.(m) Location

  (distance from start Pt

c = 10.9578/m 

86000  00000  0000 m  I 

86818  818  74.64m  74.64m + 94m   Gate No 2 on Dixit Road

97077  10259  936.19m 1010.84m + 94m   Pole No QBD/063 Paranjpe Scheme Rd

107783  10706  976.99m 1987.83m + 94m   Pole No QBD/061 Shahaji Raja Rd

118840  11057   1009.02m 2996.85m + 94m   Pole No QAV 006/008 Mg Road

124184  5344   487.67 m 3484.53m + 94m   Pole No NP Thakkur Road Sign Board

129878  5694 519.61m 4004.14m + 94m  Pole No QAV/020/018 Sant Mukta Bai Rd

139456   9578  874.05 m 4878.2m + 94m   Signboard Ramchandra Rd

139858  402  36m 4914.88m + 94m   Gate No1 back

Adjustment = 94.18 additional to 10000 mtrs .10094.18m

Finish point -10000 m at gate no 1 ( 0.18m past gate no1 )

Location of split kilometre points

START  94m backwards from gate No 1

1km 98.55 m back ward from Pole No QBD/063 Paranjpe Scheme Rd

2km 82.04m backward from Pole No QBD/061 Shahaji Raja Rd

3km, 91.17m backward from Pole No QAV 006/008 Mg Road

4km 98.57m backward from Pole No QAV/020/018 Sant Mukta Bai Rd

5km  9.40m before gate No1

Loop 2  

6km   88.90m before Pole no QBD/063 Paranjpe Scheme Rd

7km 72.38 m before Pole No QBD/061 Shahaji Raja Rd

8km 81.51m before Pole No QAV 006/008 MG Road

9km 88.90 before Pole No QAV/020/018 Sant Mukta Bai Rd

FINISH   0.18 m past Gate No1